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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
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“We went from slow and steady growth to a quantum leap.  I just followed the system and it worked! Don’t let money hold you back, the world is waiting for you...people are waiting for you."

Best Selling Author of: Weight Loss God's Way, & many more

- Cathy Morenzie

We'll Ensure Your Success On Our 12-Month Coaching Program!

You Don't Have to Do it Alone!


(Get $27,982 In BONUSES Listed Below For Those Who Join The Coaching Program!)
 10 LIVE Coaching Sessions + Hot Seats with Nick & Megan ($4,997 Value)

LIVE Step-by-step proven trainings on how to launch your brand business online and attract ideal customers.

Perfect if you're just getting started AND we also have advanced strategies for seasoned entrepreneurs!

NOW is the time to scale and create more freedom!

Learn:  Clarify your vision, offer, how to launch, course creation, book launch, virtual summit, podcast launch, sales skills, FB + insta ads...literally everything you need in a step-by-step process to ensure your success!


Kingdom Builders Coaching Nick and Megan Unsworth
Kingdom Builders Coaching Nick and Megan Unsworth
 Free Bonus #1: All Recordings + LIFETIME Access To All Updates
($997 Value)

Join us live and / or go through at your own speed at any time...anywhere in the world!  

Imagine what it would be like to be so "in demand" that you have a waiting list of hungry buyers.

Let us coach you to success and we'll show you how!

Lifetime updates = ongoing hands on coaching!

 Free Bonus #2: 1-Year Coaching with Nick & Megan Unsworth ($5,000 Value)

We're committed to your success and we will be supporting you for an entire year!

We'll help you get your message to the masses and launch and grow your business online…with our additional monthly group coaching sessions.

You're in the right place, at the right time, with the right coaches & community!

 Free Bonus #3: Private Life on Fire Academy Coaching Mastermind Group ($997 Value)

Be a part of something BIG as you network and build relationships with other faith-based entrepreneurs who are launching and growing their businesses online.  

Community is Power!  Imagine having hundreds of like-minded entrepreneurs cheering you on!

Get on each others podcasts, stages, summits, challenges, & more.  Collaboration is KEY in today's market.

Life on Fire Summit 2021
 Free Bonus #4: 2-Day Life on Fire Summit Live Mastermind ($997 Value) - Nov 20 & 21st 2021

You get TWO VIP tickets to our Virtual 2-Day Virtual Summit Mastermind

Get ready to network together in a virtual mastermind setting and learn strategies to take your business to the next level...quickly.


This is one of the best ways to sell your courses & impact more lives!

Enjoy networking with others on live small group Zoom breakout mastermind sessions.

 Bonus #5:  90% Off TWO Abundance 4-Day Event Tickets
($997 Value) - July 21-24th 2022

You get 90% off TWO VIP tickets to the breakthrough event of the year! 

Join over 1,000 entrepreneurs in Dallas Texas for the most epic in-person business mastermind & breakthrough event experience in 2022!  Join Nick & Megan, Rex Crain, James Malinchak, LaKeisha Michelle, and other World Changers.

90% Off means you'll be able to attend for just $97.


Learn advanced business building strategies to launch, grow, and scale your business online to impact millions of lives.

Break through limiting beliefs that are holding you back so that you have a truly "Abundant" mindset to achieve your wildest dreams.

Network with likeminded entrepreneurs on a mission to change the world.

 Wow Box: Be the Light and Burn Bright!
($75 Value)

The best way to stay On to wear Life on Fire! :)

We'll ship you our signature "Wow" Box that's awesome enough to film the "un-boxing."

Let the world know that YOU'RE on fire for God!  Many clients say that it helps them stay accountable and committed to living up to their God-given potential.

Ooh and it's quite the conversation starter too!  #EvangelismOnFire

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Join Our Coaching Program Now To Get These Fast Action Bonuses While They Are Still Available!

* NOTE: If still listed, they are available for you. Once they are gone they will be removed from this page.

 Fast Action Bonus #1: Personalized One-On-One Launch Strategy Session ($2,500 Value)

This is where we one of our highly training coaches jump on the phone with you for 60 minutes and custom tailor your launch and grow plan… which is typically what others pay thousands of dollars for so they know exactly what offers, what funnels and what advertising strategy they should use to get their message out to the masses.
You’ll get your own launch online blueprint that you can implement immediately!

 Fast Action Bonus #2: 3 Lifeline Emergency Calls To Support You Fully ($500 Value)

Have no'll have 3 emergency calls here!  

This is the solution for challenges that arises while in the middle of your big promotion launch.

Our team of coaches can help you get resourceful to leap frog over any challenge in the way of your dreams!

 Fast Action Bonus #3: Life on Fire Business In A Box including: ($10,000 Value)

Never let the "tech" get in your way again!  We have built out a robust package of resources.

Plug & Play Funnels you'll get access to:  personal brand website, challenge, virtual summit, live event, webinar, free + shipping book, high ticket application, trip wire, hub, and membership site.

Leverage our proven email copy, scripts, & templates to shortcut the path to success.

This alone is worth the investment of the program!

*ClickFunnels "share funnels" provided + PDF Examples

PLUS: 4 ADDITIONAL "Tech" Specific Calls to get you set up for success!  Finally a "Tech" solution!



YES, you read that right!  All you have to do is follow our step-by-step coaching and then launch by December 18th and we'll promote you to over 200,000+ people on our email list + Facebook groups!

Last time we did this we had a record breaking 92% of all clients LAUNCHED within 60 days.

Your success is inevitable when you decide to work this closely with Megan & I!

So, to make this an even better guarantee for you… if you aren’t launched in the first 60 days, let us know and we'll set up an additional free coaching call with you.

We’ll help you launch and will make sure that you're successful. So you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

TOTAL VALUE: $27,982



"Borrow Our Belief!" You CAN Do it!

I feel at home with the Life on Fire Community: a place free of judgement, where everyone prays for each other. A place where everyone is ready to lend a helping hand.
- Christine Francois
Meeting Nick & Megan paved the way for me to implement a new strategy for my Christian Suicide Prevention Summit. I love this community!
- Violet Ramirez-Detre
Linking with fellow believers is priceless! After becoming a part of the Life on Fire Academy, my business scaled up and I'm looking forward to staying with the Life On Fire for a really long time.
- Victoria Walker
Life On Fire Academy gave me the confidence to become a smashing success!
- Michelle Fuqua
What the program has delivered to me is so much more than what I anticipated. Walking away with so much value that catapulted my business to new heights.
- Johnny Dobbs
Working with Nick and Megan has been truly transformational! Everything they share works because they have actually done it!
- Ian Williams
I achieved more with Life On Fire than I ever thought possible. I stayed because of the teamwork and the sense of community that I experience within the group.
- Veia Hensley
Life on Fire Academy not only changed my business...the hands on coaching has changed my life.
- Erica Rae Dvorak

Listen To What Marcos Has To Say...

- Marcos Moura

"Nick & Megan's Mentorship Helped Me Go From Start Up to Winning Two Comma Club 'C' ($100m) Award!"

Here's What Others Are Saying...

“I experienced Nick & Megan's training and it was the spark that ignited the fire in me. I went on to become one of three people in the ClickFunnels community to ever get the coveted full two comma club "C" $100m award. Get yourself, Nick & Megan, as mentors!
“I’m was a single mom with 4 kids and was working 4 jobs to get by. I took a leap of faith and went for my dreams. Now I have high-fee clients AND I get to see my kids now because of coaching with Nick & Megan”
"I'm beyond impressed with Nick & Megan and I'm so glad I decided to Resource Up with them. They helped me start a new business, create a plan, and launch into action. I now have loads of new clients and I couldn't be happier!"
“After one strategy session, I generated so much new business within a few days. If you have an opportunity to hire Nick & it!”

“I arrived in San Diego with only my van... I had no money, no home, BUT I had a burning desire for change. I borrowed money, got my vision, and Nick connected me with my new business partner. I’m now generating a lot of success each month, BAM! Their strategy, coaching, & connections completely changed my life.”
“I signed up to work with Nick...did a strategy my 30-day launch plan...and got my very FIRST high-fee client woo-hoo! 

Thank you guys!”

"Do It Afraid" We've Got Your Back!


 When is the last day to register and save $1,000?

You have up until Monday October 18th at 11:59pm Pacific to join this ah-mazing program and save 50% off.  We only do this 1-2 times per year so make sure that you don't miss the boat! 🛳.   We may never do it at this price point ever again too.  Don't miss out.

 Is there a payment plan?  When would I get charged?

YES!  We have a 4-pay option.  Pay $297 today...then 30 days later it's $297...30 days later $297...30 days later $297.  Viola!  Imagine getting all of this hands-on coaching for just $297 to start...then launch in 60 days and the sky is the limit!

 What does it mean to launch online within 60 days?

We will create a fun encouraging atmosphere that will unleash your greatness and potential.  That's what we do as coaches!  Launching within 60 days means that you have clarified your business model & message.  You have also created your Virtual Summit, Challenge, Podcast, YouTube Channel, Promotion, Lead Magnet, or New Offer and are open for business.  We will have a simply survey to fill out where you'll let us know what your link is to your "launch" or promotion and then we'll create a large directory on a Google document.  From there, we will promote that via 200k+ email list + in all of our FB groups.  The get results faster, get raffle tickets to win huge prizes, AND we promote you!  Talk about a win-win-win!

 Are there replays...what if I can't make it live!?

Yes we'll have the replays up promptly in the members area and private Facebook group.  We will be doing our trainings on Wednesdays at 7am Pacific, and then the Hot Seat Coaching sessions at 1pm Pacific.  

We have more than half of all of our clients get phenomenal results with the replays.  Some are international, some have work...and the bottomline is that ALL of them create success using our process.  We built this entire model knowing that we'll have some live and most on the replays.  We know where people get stuck and we've got you covered!

 What kinds of businesses is this for!?

We coach a lot of Experts, Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Service Professionals, & Entrepreneurs.  In addition, we have folks that have in-person retail businesses, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Ecommerce businesses, and MLM / Network Marketers.  The main outcome of coaching with us is that we are going to download "Marketing Skills" to you that will serve ANY business for years and years to come.  Growing your brand, helping you get more key!

 Is there any additional costs after the 1st year?

No Way Jose!  This is a one-time $997 payment (save big!) or 4-payments of $297 spaced 30 days apart.  After are IN and get access to the community and members area on an ongoing basis with no additional costs.  We even bonus you with the LIVE trainings for the next version of the Academy too.  

We spent $265,000 to put on our Abundance event last year...and it was totally worth it.  There's literally nothing in the world like it.  You get TWO tickets to Abundance for 90% off as a "Bonus."  So if you'd like to attend its $97.  Plus you get a guest ticket as well that's 90% off too.

 What about my spouse or business partner?

Spouses and / or business partners can absolutely be a part of the experience.  We will add them to the Private FB Group as well and we encourage you to have them on your live 1:1 Coaching Strategy Session as well!  You'll notice that we give you TWO tickets to the free virtual summit mastermind, and TWO 90% off Abundance Event tickets for your spouse, friend, or business partner.

 How do I schedule my Personalized 1:1 Launch Strategy Session call?

That's an easy one!  Once you join you'll get instant access to our extra fancy and awesome member's area that will give you the goodies and link to schedule.  We recommend that you wait a week or two so that you are more trained up and prepared to get the most out of your session.  Many have said that this 1:1 session was worth the investment in the program alone.  Clarity + Strategy = Success!

 Is the Personalized 1:1 Launch Strategy Session a sales call?

Ewww NO!  Absolutely not - we pay our highly trained coaches well and it is 100% focused on you and your strategy.  We even give you a customized launch blueprint.  We've got you covered!

 When I I also get the Life on Fire Challenge replays?

YES 100% You'll get access to all of the replays to go through them at any time you would like.

 How does the 60 Day Refund Policy Work?

Whoa're already thinking about a refund and you haven't even started!  Look, I get want to make sure that you cover your behind.  Simply put, our refund policy is designed to protect you while also protecting us.  It's sad that some people buy the coaching with the sole intention to learn everything and then refund it.  That's no bueno.  So if you're a "habitual refunder" please don't join.  We've been in business for 10+ years and only want to work with folks who are committed and hungry for success.  If you plug in with us and do the work and don't get results...well then we didn't do OUR job and you can simply email for a refund.  Click Here if you would like a more elaborate explanation.  We want you to be comfortable and we want you to be successful with us!

 Is this ONLY for people of faith?

No, we are called to love EVERYBODY and anybody can join this program! :). We let people know that we LOVE God and that we put him first in all things.  So yes...we are going to open up sessions with a powerful prayer.  We will love you for you!

  When will this be offered again?

Later in 2022 will be the next time it's available and the investment will be $1,997. Don't wait. The worst thing you can do is say...well I'll just do it next time. Why? Because in the'll miss out on all of the growth, community, strategy, and breakthrough. Decide to set your life & business on fire with us NOW and we won't let you down!

 What if I have more questions?

👉 Email and we will do our absolute BEST to serve you and answer all of your questions :)

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